Go Magnetic!

In a bid to make our aprons as hygienic as possible, SFX has developed a magnetic closure option for virtually all our apron and thyroid collar designs.
This advanced option features high quality, high strength, neodymium magnets. It has been developed for those looking for an alternative to the standard hook and loop closure.
Neodymium magnets are much stronger than standard magnets, allowing them to remain securely attached during movement.

Apron Closures

Five great reasons to choose a magnetic closure:
1. Inserted within the apron to create a smooth & hygienic outer surface, ideal for quick
and easy cleaning
2. Optimal cross infection control as dust/debris/hair not trapped
3. Increased apron life span as magnets do not lose strength
4. Increased wearer comfort as no rough/sharp edges
5. Minimal force required to remove apron

Pacemakers – The operation of heart pacemakers may be affected by the close proximity of a magnet.
Keep at least 50mm away from magnetically sensitive media. These include mechanical watches, heart pacemakers, CRT monitors, credit cards and other magnetically stored


Hook and Loop

Currently, hook and loop technology is used in a wide range of medical devices and here at SFX, it remains the standard apron and thyroid closure option.
Familiar and simple to use, our hook and loop system provides security and longevity and can be adjusted to improve the fit of many garments. Our hook and loop systems are waterproof and chemical resistant.

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