Poncho Style (CP)

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This poncho style apron fastens with a shoulder buckle, and secures at the side via a hook and loop closure. Customers may specify their preferred side for opening/shoulder release. Our external lumbar support belt is included to aid with weight distribution.

Aprons may open on one shoulder or both to enable an easy approach when removing the apron.  This apron design is particularly beneficial for those with reduced shoulder mobility, as only movements along the anterior sagittal plane are required to don and remove.

Key features

  • Shoulder & side opening
  • Quick & easy to don, remove and store
  • Additional protection options available
  • On request, an internal support belt can replace the external support belt

Protective Material

  • Light-weight lead
  • Low lead bilayer
  • Lead-free bilayer

Lead Equivalent Values

Front, optionally: 0.25mmLE, 0.35mmLE, or 0.50mmLE
Back generally: 0.25mmLE

Closures This apron can be provided with either hook and loop or magnetic closure systems.  Unless specified the apron will be provided with hook and loop closure system.

Every time you drop or fold an apron you reduce the lifespan of the product.  Correct storage of aprons optimises integrity and functionality of the inner protective barrier material.
A large selection of SFX apron racks are available, providing the ideal storage option for both one and two piece aprons in any space.

Poncho Style (CP)

Additional information

Lead Type

Bi-Layer Lead-Free, Edge Bi-Layer, Light Weight

Lead Weight (Front Panels)

.25 LE, .35 LE, .50 LE

Lead Weight (Back Panels)

.25 LE, .35 LE, .50 LE


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Poncho Style (CP)
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