Thyroid Collars

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Our standard, cap and ladies thyroid collars provide protection during any medical, dental x-ray and mammography procedures.  Each one of our thyroid collars is fitted with a hook and loop system or a magnetic closure system which is adjustable.

The thyroid collars are light-weight and comfortable providing personal thyroid protection at 0.50mm which meets current IEC protective standards.

  • Standard Protection: 0.5mm lead equivalence
  • Meets IEC protective standards
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • One Size Fits All
  • Black, Royal Blue, Navy, Red, Pink, Purple, Green Available
  • Sizes: Standard (TC6), Cap Style, Ladies (TC4)

Our thyroid collar attaches around the neck to protect the thyroid gland (a small butterfly-shaped gland that impacts almost all of the body’s metabolic processes).

These collars can be fully removable or attached permanently to any model of apron, or with a detachable clip, on request.

Our TC6 is comfortable, lightweight and provides complete thyroid gland protection during medical x-ray, dental x-ray or mammography procedures.
All closure options allow for size adjustment, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach can be taken.

Our TC4 is simply a smaller version of the TC6. Therefore, we recommend the TC4 for those who wear size XXS/XS aprons.

Available in hook and loop or magnetic closures


Technologically advanced option for those who prefer to get away from sticky hook and loop systems.

Three great reasons to go magnetic:

  • More hygienic as hair and other particles won’t get caught in the closure material.
    Easier to attach with a built-in ‘self-finding’ magnetic closure device.
    Designed to fit any neck size.


Thyroid Collars

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Thyroid Collars