Coat style apron – 3/4 overlap (C1)

Fastens as a conventional double-breasted coat, with the two front panels overlapping down the middle of the front.

This provides an alternative fit for those not comfortable in the full over-lap version (C2).

  • ¾ overlap aprons are designed as a standard fit option and can be used by virtually all body shapes.
  • Once closed a ‘per panel value’ of 0.25, 0.35 or 0.50 LE will be achieved with a small overlap of 0.50, 0.70 or 1.0 LE.

Ask your local SFXray advisor for details.

Size options

Colour options

Edge Bilayer

Barrier material available in:

  • Light-weight lead
  • Low lead bilayer
  • Lead-free bilayer

Thicknesses available in:

  • 0.25mm LE
  • 0.35mm LE
  • 0.50mm LE
Take the weight off your shoulders!

Unlike the two piece options where the covering protection is split between top and Kilt, the Coat-style one piece requires the wearer to carry the complete garment.

SFXray developed the internal support belt to assist the internal shoulder padding to distribute the weight off the spine and on to the hips. A great way to lessen back-ache!

Light or heavy duty apron ...which one do I need?

Current standards recommend a min frontal coverage of 0.25mm LE for Light duty aprons, and 0.35mm LE for heavy duty aprons.

Ask your Radiation Protection Advisor which one you need and we will accommodate according to your requirements.

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