Ergo-Support Range

Designed specifically for staff who wear lead aprons and are suffering from back, neck & shoulder pain, or for those wishing to reduce the risk of developing these work related pains.

These aprons are individually produced based on the wearers requirements. Fitting and assessment by our MSD’s* specialist can be arranged by contacting us directly.

*Musculoskeletal disorders are considered as multi-factorial disorders. There are multiple work-related risk factors implicated in their development, or exacerbation. Therefore, effective application of ergonomics in work system design can achieve a balance between worker characteristics and task demands.

Please contact us to arrange to arrange for assessment or advice regarding you or your staff members.


Hospital staff with back pain

In relation to MSD’s among hospital staff, operating room personnel are considered a high risk group. Operating room staff are exposed to a variety of risk factors that are responsible for disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The factors include static posture (e.g. prolonged standing and trunk and neck flexion), awkward posture of the trunk and manual handling.


Musculoskeletal disorders - affects on staff

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) are widely reported to significantly impact the quality of life, cause lost work time or absenteeism, increase work restriction, transfer to another job, or disability than any other group of diseases.


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