Protection Glasses

Glasses JP Yamba Fitover

  • JP Yamba fitover radiation protective glasses offer a comfortable, lightweight, and durable design that fits over prescription eyewear.
  • The frame is constructed of lightweight Nylon that is resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and offers 0.50mm Pb lateral protection.
  • Standard high quality, distortion-free SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses.
  • Fit over glasses not exceeding 146mm x 44mm

Ask your local SFXray advisor for details.

Size options

Colour options

Lead Equivalence
  • Lenses 0.75mm LE
  • Lateral protection: 0.50mm LE
Additional Information
  • Frame Series: Fitover Frames
  • Frame Type: Fit-Overs
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Frames Shapes: Wrap
  • Lens Type: Schott SF6 0.75mm LE
  • UPC: No

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