Protective Caps

Protection caps are all supplied with Edge Bilayer technology.

Made in any Nylon or Anti Microbial material.

Two options are available:

  1. Full protective – choose your material and colour.
  2. Disposable – single use hygienic option.

Ask your local SFXray advisor for details.

Size options

Lead Equivalent

Available in:

  • 0.25mm LE
  • 0.35mm LE
  • 0.50mm LE
Think about lateral protection!

Always consider your personal level of ‘beam-side’ protection.

Look for gaps in your personal protection and address it accordingly with SFXray lateral protection shields:

  1. Lateral eye protectors for glasses.
  2. Upper arm shields for aprons.
  3. Lateral protection blades for top and kilt aprons.

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