Tabbard style apron (CP)

Tabbard or poncho style aprons fasten with a buckle on one shoulder, and close down the same side with two secure hook and loop closures.

Customers may specify their preferred side for opening, and aprons may open on one shoulder or both enabling a drop and walk approach when getting out of the protective aprons.

Ask your local SFXray advisor for details.

Size options

Colour options

Edge Bilayer

Barrier material available in:

  • Light-weight lead
  • Low lead bilayer
  • Lead-free bilayer

Thicknesses available in:

  • 0.25mm LE
  • 0.35mm LE
  • 0.50mm LE

Every time you drop or fold an apron you reduce the life-span of the product.

Correct storage of aprons ensures correct apron fit for the wearer and less damage occurring to the protective barrier within the aprons.

The SFXray apron racks provide the perfect storage space for both one and two piece aprons.

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