3D Look

Measuring Service

SFX services include the technology of 3DLook to provide precise contactless body measurements.
3DLook provides customers the opportunity to obtain their own measurements rapidly, remotely and safely.

SFXRAY Measuring Service

Simple and Fast Measuring Method

Your measurements can be obtained in as little as 30seconds, from just two photos. All you need is a smartphone. This can be done independently or with a partner.

80 body measurements taken

Accurate and Detailed Body Profile.

Up to 80 bodily measurements can be captured and stored on each users personal dashboard.

A 3D body avatar is created from your measurements taken and is used to provide a more accurate custom fit for your apron

Remote Measuring Service

Safe and Remote option

All measurements can be obtained remotely from anywhere in the world without physical contact, providing a safer option to traditional physical measuring events.

Please contact your local Account Manager for more details on the 3D look measuring tool or feel free to click the widget below to personally trial this tool.