Asset Tracking Service

SFXray and CDN have partnered together to create, the SFX QR: Asset Management System. An innovative and integrated platform driven by AI and machine learning to facilitate the maintenance of your radiation protection assets.

Easy Tracking

Using our specially designed software, SFX can provide your hospital or department with a unique service which will allow you to tag all of your radiation products.

Our asset tracking service will keep track of damage, certification, testing and allow you oversight of all of your in house assets.

Every X-ray protection garment produced by SFXray incorporates a unique QR tag containing the essential information regarding that product. This enables those clients who have signed up to SFXQR to accurately record and view essential historical safety information specific to that item.

Our service includes:

Full access to our unique and specially designed system

Tiered user access can be created to control the viewing and editing ability.

Tagging of all new stock purchased from SFXray

QR codes can be fitted onto assets from all apron manufacturers and scanned through this application, allowing the user to input and update asset information easily.

Tagging and logging of your existing apron stock

Asset examinations can be scheduled to ensure all assets are inspected and properly maintained at custom intervals and all stock can be retrofitted with QR codes for easy tracking.

Ability to upload images of damage

Defects can be logged easily, with images of the asset and its examination stored inside the app.

Ability to manage Radiation protection compliance using the software

The severity of the defect will correlate directly with the BIR guidelines and each asset will be assigned a traffic light colour.

Yearly fee applies

Users can request repairs, replacements, quotations, and support from our SFX team through the system.

Manage all departments separately within one account

The SFX QR: Asset Management System allows users to effortlessly monitor and update the information and condition status of any asset within their inventory across all departments, anytime, anywhere.

Please contact your local Account Manager for more details on our asset management system.

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