Partially Overlapping Vest Only (CV2)

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With its partially overlapping front panels, the SFX CV2 overlapping vest is another option that is suitable for virtually all body shapes.

Once closed, a ‘per panel value’ of 0.25mmLE, 0.35mmLE or 0.50mmLE will be achieved; respectively, 0.50mmLE, 0.70mmLE or 1.0mmLE, will be achieved in the middle overlapping areas.

Key features

  • Greater range of movement
  • Internal support belt
  • Additional protection options available
  • Additional welt pocket
  • Split kilt design available

Protective Material

  • Light-weight lead
  • Low lead bilayer
  • Lead-free bilayer

Lead Equivalent Values

Front, (once closed): 0.25mmLE, optionally 0.35mmLE, or 0.50mmLE
Back generally: 0.25mmLE

Partially Overlapping Vest Only (CV2)

Additional information

Lead Type

Bi-Layer Lead-Free, Edge Bi-Layer, Light Weight

Lead Weight (Front Panels)

.25 LE, .35 LE, .50 LE

Lead Weight (Back Panels)

.25 LE, .35 LE, .50 LE


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Partially Overlapping Vest Only (CV2)