Reusable Skull Cap

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The SFX leaded skull caps are the final component of the ‘Lateral+ Protection’ range, as they provide lateral and anterior protection from scatter radiation to the brain.

Available in a variety of lead equivalences, colours and styles, their adjustable fit allows for a ‘one size fits all’ approach to be taken.

The reusable protection caps are all supplied with Edge Bilayer technology. Made in any Nylon or PU/PVC Anti Microbial material and can be personalised to suit the wearer . All protective caps can be fastened with a tie or drawstring cord lock system for a more secure fit

Lead Equivalence

Available in:
• 0.25mmLE
• 0.35mmLE
• 0.50mmLE

Style 1

Drawstring cord lock closure
Upper ventilation panel

Style 2

Tie closure

Reusable Skull Cap

Additional information

Lead Equivalence

0.25mm LE, 0.35mm LE, 0.50mm LE


Drawstring cord lock closure, Tie closure


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Reusable Skull Cap
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