Thyroid Collars

Our thyroid collar attaches around the neck to protect the thyroid gland (a small butterfly-shaped gland that impacts almost all of the body’s metabolic processes).

These collars can be fully removable or attached permanently to any model of apron, or with a detachable clip, on request.

Ask your local SFXray advisor for details.

Size options

Colour options

Go magnetic!

Technologically advanced option for those who prefer to get away from sticky Velcro.

Three great reasons to go magnetic:

  1. More hygienic as hair and other particles won’t get caught in the closure material.
  2. Easier to attach with a built-in ‘self-finding’ magnetic closure device.
  3. Designed to fit any neck size.
Options available
  • Magnetic closure option for those looking for a more hygienic collar.
  • Soft touch PU outer material.
  • Cap-style.
  • Standard hook and loop Velcro closure.
  • 0.50mm LE as standard.
  • Disposable insert option (for multi-person usage).

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